Social Media Advertising for Dentists

Find the patients you’re looking for with Facebook and Instagram ads.

Posting consistently on social media helps build brand awareness. When you bring advertising into the mix it’s like opening the doors to your practice and ushering new patients in. Plus, organic posting just isn’t enough to get significant reach on Facebook or Instagram anymore. Social media ads let you narrow your target to patients you want in your area, so you can promote procedures, services, and specials.

We create, run, and measure dental social media advertising that can move your practice forward.

Set up 

Great advertising starts with good data, so that’s where we start. We get to know who’s visiting your website and who you want to get on your schedule. Then we create ads just for them. Facebook advertising allows us to segment your audience on a granular level, so we can serve ads to precisely the people you’re trying to reach. 


Design and copy matter. We create ads that we know will work with Facebook and Instagram users, and we let them know why they should choose your practice. Our process includes A/B testing—trying out different versions of ads—to make sure we achieve the best results. We apply best practices for landing pages, too. Clicking on your ad is just the first step. We make sure the user lands on a special page designed to call them to action, like making an appointment or contacting you.


Unlike print ads, social media ads can be closely measured and quickly optimized. We monitor your Facebook and Instagram ads to determine which graphics and copy generate the most impressions and clicks. We quickly remove or revise underperforming ads and update your campaigns based on your monthly strategies or promotions.

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